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RUHANI SATSANG ( Science of Spirituality)

RUHANI SATSANG , as the name implies , is a center for imparting purely spiritual teachings and training to mankind, irrespective of class barriers such as caste, colour, creed , sect, age or education. As nature offers its bounties of light, water, air etc. freely to one and all, so is Spirituality offered free to all who are anxious for Self-knowledge and God-knowledge.

Ruhani Satsang deals with the most abstruse problems connected with the soul and primarily imparts instructions in the Science of the Soul. All other considerations -- physical, social , moral -- are secondary and enter discussion only insofar as they aid in the upliftment of the soul. As it is a science of the Beyond , it is called Para-Vidya, or the knowledge that the soul experiences directly and immediately, above and beyond the realm of the senses. It seeks to make the human soul one with the Oversoul by transcending the physical plane. The actual awakening of the spirit into its own , its gradual efflorescence into Cosmic Awareness, is the work of the Master Power overhead, and is achieved through a regular process of self-analysis or inversion.

Ruhani Satsang is not concerned with the socio-religious codes of conduct nor with performance of rites and rituals, nor with formal places of worship. The human body is the true Temple of God, and since God is Spirit, those who worship Him, must worship Him in Spirit. The higher values of life--the greatness of God and the need for humility, leading to a pure and honest life of truth, chastity, abstinence, and a loving selfless service of humanity have always been enjoined by all spiritual teachers, as only an ethical life can pave the way of spiritual life.

We must learn to love all living creatures, and more so our fellow human beings , as all are the children of the same Supreme Father. The contacts of Light and Sound are the ''saving lifelines'' within each individual, and the Master who manifests this Light and Sound is called a Savior, a Messiah, a Prophet, or anything one wishes to call Him.

"My Master, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, a perfect Saint, had a great desire to form a common platform, Ruhani Satsang [the words mean literally "spiritual gathering"-no denominational or sectarian connotations of any kind], where all persons, even though professing different faiths and religious beliefs, could be imparted the principles of Spirituality and encouraged to practice spiritual discipline, in order to gain salvation and peace here and in the Beyond." -- Kirpal Singh

Kirpal Ruhani Satsang Sabha (Bhabat) Chandigarh
This Society is located at Zirakpur, 10 kms from Chandigarh towards Ambala on Chandigarh Ambala Road, having the same aims and objectives as that of Ruhani Satsang Organization. It came into being during the year 1985-86. Since then, it has been organising recorded Satsangs at different places near Chandigarh and Ambala. A small Ashram was established at village Bhabat in Municipal Council Zirakpur. From 2002, this Society has started publishing rare books relating to Sant Kirpal Singh which are shown in Books Link.

Now this Sabha is proud of creating this Website on Sant Kirpal Singh so as to save permanently the printed and audio material for multiple uses by Satsangis and seekers on the Path.

"O Beloved Master! Come Ye come and show me Thy glimpse.
Thy separation is consuming my heart, Ye assuage by Thy glimpse.

    It's true that Ye need me not, but I ever wait for Thee.
    Pray, cast Thy merciful glance and make me come close to Thee.

My love for Ye would remain intact, Ye also love me.
Ye've thousands of lovers but for me there,s none but Ye.

    If power were within me,
    I'd have sacrificed my head for Thee. "
(English translation of a Punjabi Poem written by Sant Kirpal Singh)
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